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    By leveraging cutting-edge
    social science research
    and technological innovation

About us

The 21st century has opened the door for groundbreaking governance technology. Especially today, tech innovation is at the heart of societal progress. In a fast-changing world, how are governments upgrading to adapt and thrive with these social developments?
Because governments need to better connect with their citizens, improve access to public services, and respond to social development, SmartGov was created to upgrade systems of governance to meet the needs and ambitions of citizens today. We curate highly contextualized solutions for the public sector and citizens to be able to communicate, resolve issues, and progress together; allowing state institutions to be smart, inclusive and effective.

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What we do

With the earliest invention of writing, to complex Information and Communications Technology (ICT), cultural and technological innovations have been constantly developed to increase our cognitive capacity and ability to govern. We strive to enhance and support government reform and efficiency through our social science and curated technology solutions. We unleash tech innovation to resolve governance issues and install regenerative systems for our partners. In the process, we contribute to the development of these digital solutions and the understanding of organizational processes.

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our Method

Tech development is only 10% of our work. In many countries around the world, a standard whole-of-government approach to digitization fails due to various socio-political and socio-economic factors, as well as institutional barriers to digitization within the public sector. At SmartGov we instead adopt an incremental approach that understands in depth the specific needs of public state institutions we work with and tailors solutions for them. We conduct social and organizational psychology research to design projects and ensure their fit and sustainability with our partners. Our participatory approach engages all civil society and public sector actors to work together on finding smart solutions to their local ambitions. With the support of our renowned experts and researchers we determine organizational needs and match them to the right type of technological solutions. As a results-based organization we then curate a strategy, stress-test solutions, revise research and strategy and then support the execution of the changes until the project is self-sustainable.

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SmartGov has adopted an alternative definition for the context of e-government development.

Our SMART acronym stands for

Social – Personalizing service delivery to allow citizens and civil society to co-create with the government


Mobile – Using the latest mobile technologies to deliver information and services

Analytical – Relying on big data analytics to drive policy action and to individualize communications and transactions


Radically-open –Transforming accountability and transparency via engaging citizens’ ideas and enabling businesses to use data for innovating their services

Trustworthy – Implementing effective cybersecurity so that services are resilient, secure and protect privacy

Our Goals for E-Governance

SmartGov strives to install and maintain eight elements of good governance for its partners. These elements are essential for the smooth adoption of technological solutions and development of the organizations. SmartGov provides a data management infrastructure that allows local authorities and state institutions to better understand and resolve citizen needs, and improve mechanisms of communication and participation. In the process, we empower these institutions to be inclusive, accountable and effective. We also equip citizens with the tools to communicate and participate with local authorities and state institutions.

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Our efforts thus contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 16

Our Methodology

We develop specialized technology for local authorities and state institutions to manage their operations and relations with citizens. Primarily focused on technological solutions, we aim to upgrade governance systems across different branches of the public sector following our methodology:


We assess the maturuty of E-Government provisions

We assess the maturity of E-Government provisions according to the UN's' four-stage maturity model for E-government


We conduct contextualized social science and tech research

Our participatory approach invites all relevant stakeholders to resolve organizational tensions and curate workflows that serve citizens


We develop strategies with our partners and stakeholders

We tailor the success of our tech interventions with the full collaboration of our stakeholders, helping test and phase them in


We implement with our partners

We work with our partners until we ensure the sustainable and independent functioning of our systems

Our Advisory Board


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